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The orange "add to cart" button grants all U.S. veterans, active duty,
and retired military a discount of $20.00 off of any remote PC service.

Please scan and email any proof of service to

My Nerds headquarters are in the sunny
Brevard Country town of Melbourne, FL, U.S.


Our Specialty: Online Virus Removal

Our customers are often surprised that their problems were caused by computer malware, and there are over a million different PC viruses. Unfortunately, no anti-virus product will protect you from all of them. Usually, by the time we are called, the infections have spread throughout the PC, hooking into the operating system in the process. Virus removal can also remove crucial system files that have become infected, so people should back up everything they donít want to lose and be very careful removing viruses on their own. My Nerds are experienced at repairing the damage as long as the PC will still power up.

Online computer repair companies are becoming more popular, but one has to be careful which one they choose. If the person who answers the phone or the assigned remote computer repair technician canít be clearly understood, itís going to be difficult, if not impossible to work with them. And what is the point in spending $200 to repair an old PC when you can buy a new one for $300? Do not be overcharged for online tech support!

We make the following promises to you We only hire U.S. citizens - we will never outsource our computer repair service techs. We will provide the best possible service while keeping our costs as low as possible. While conducting computer repair online or over the phone, we will always be courteous. Our connection is completely secure, and we do not store any personal information. All of our transactions are handled via PayPal, even if you donít have a PayPal account. We will fix your computer or you will immediately get a refund.

My Nerds is an American company, and is dedicated to providing the best possible remote tech support service for an affordable, flat fee. Our English-speaking technicians are certified, (CompTIA A+ or higher) friendly professionals.





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